Hi, my name is Tim Janovsky and I am a mastering engineer based in Erfurt City, Germany.
I was myself a multi-instrumentalist musician from an early age in love with music and it´s sound...
Thanks to this and also many years experience of carefully listening to music in various genres, life itself helped me to decide on a profession, which I am very pleased and very much like to share my experience, skills and vision with you. 

So welcome, the doors of my Büro are open for you. You can also contact me on Instagram or Facebook.
Exceptionally attentive control of the dynamic range and saturation, so that the life of the mix is preserved and it´s macrodynamics and transient information remains as plausible as possible!
However, if you are interested in a "brickwall" style, I can easily and careful provide you with this. *)

Much like to work with such genres as rock, blues, jazz, funk, soul, neo-soul, fusion and derivatives... 

Symphonic music, trip-hop, hip-hop, R&B, big beat, D&B, ambient.

Mastering for digital download, Spotify, iTunes (now Apple Digital Masters), YouTube, Broadcast, CD, Vinyl.