Dipole speakers manufacture

Dear friends, as some of you have already noticed, in addition to audio mastering, I also became interested in building dipole speakers. I called my first hybrid prototype (so far everything below about 200 Hz is a ported box) the STEALTH Model I.
And I'm still going to a relatively compact and at the same time 15 inch solution for low frequencies in the most open design.
My idea is that the speakers can be effectively placed in addition to large spacious rooms - halls also in ordinary small living rooms and bedrooms and that they play like gods, even from very accessible sources. After all, I'm really for the fact that everyone can afford good sound without spending a lot of money on an ingeniously designed and prohibitively expensive high-end world for most consumers. So if I can squeeze something out of them, even on the most inexpensive amps available, it will be a breakthrough towards one possibly stupid and somewhere maybe noble goal. 😌

All updates and also products ready for sale will be presented on this page.

Continuing the dipoles topic. What I really like about them is that they can be turn the volume knob and the room won’t get disturbed by resonances too much, as is the case with traditional boxes. On the contrary, the more we turn the volume knob, the more the space fills with sound, in the most natural way I’ve ever heard before.

As a result, the natural reverberation of ordinary, acoustically unprepared for listening rooms no longer plays against, but together with the source. Which is natural, due to an obvious design feature — openness. In a word, «openness», that’s how you can describe the sound of these speakers, and also naturalness.

Summing, I will quote the words of my colleague, who listened to enough speakers in his practice — «only on dipoles did I hear the double bass like a real one, instead of boom boom» :).